About Our Organization

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Dear reader:

This Webpage is designed to give you a brief overview of The Future Astronauts of America Foundation. It is not a complete explanation of what the foundation is nor what it has to offer. Enclosed are just a few samples of what we utilize in our programs. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us by E-mail or write to us.

The Future Astronauts of America Foundation is a multi-faceted program designed to encourage young students and adults to become involved with the exciting world of space science and it's applications. By utilizing various educational resources and hands on projects, students are exposed to science in an easy to understand format.

The foundation offers a major resource by offering a website loaded with text and images that can be downloaded for use in student/teachers research.

Our group is located in Garner NC. We believe that the utilization of space is the world's greatest challenge, but it will also reap it's greatest rewards. In order to meet that challenge, we need to encourage our young people to become future astronauts, scientists, engineers and teachers. Our foundation and it's program is a small step in this direction.