SpaceX Starship SN5 150 Meter Hop

 SpaceX Starship SN5 150 Meter Hop

Starship SN5 150 MeterHop

August 4, 2020

SpaceX Starship is a super heavy-lift launch spacestarship that is being developed by SpaceX since 2012.

On August 4th at Boca Chica the SpaceX Starship SN5, after a long line of failed test, finally succeeded with a 150 Meters Hop as thousands of us held our breath watching.

NASA selected SpaceX to develop a lunar optimized Starship to be part of NASA’s Artemis program.

A lunar optimized Starship be able to fly many times between the surface of the Moon and lunar orbit without. Starship is capable of delivering large amounts of cargo for research and to support powerfull operations on the lunar surface to support a Moon base.

NASA announced Starship as suitable for the Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) initiative.

The following images are official SpaceX Photos

Starship SN5 150 Meter Hop Gallery
Starship SN5 Starship SN5 taking off
Starship SN5 Starship SN5